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Benny’s Verdict on Xfactor – 28th August

28 Aug Benny’s Verdict on Xfactor – 28th August

By Benny

This XFactor series Benny will be giving us his weekly verdict on the judges, the acts and well whatever else he feels is relevant. Brace yourselves ….. Sunday 28th August !

Angelica’s performance? She even got a high five from Simon …

Well if you get a high five from Simon then you must be half decent or he’s got money signs in he’s eyes which is normally the case…

Sharon missing?!

To be honest she wasn’t missed as long as I got Nicole to look at that’s all that matters…the only thing Sharon was good at was when she threw that glass of water in Louis face when she was on the X factor couple years ago

The sob stories …

It’s actually so annoying..I think next year I’m going to audition and say “my pet gold fish Declan died a few months ago, I’m doing this for Declan, it’s what Declan would have wanted” 😂

Emily Middlemas  😉

Well for one she is a raving sort and I’m glad she was back on our screens, I needed new w**k bank material to be honest haha I’m joking I’m not that bad. She had an amazing voice and deserves to make it to the live shows already in my eyes, by far the best audition from tonight’s show. Her voice is so unique, she is like a Female version of James Arthur

Finland …

Is it weird that I was slyly attractive to her in a way?? I think it was the accent haha but her signing really freaked me out.. She was actually amazing it gave me goose bumps.. I really wish Nicole made that ass clap..she would of got a yes from me

Join me next week for more rants, raves and well my verdict on what’s hot and what not in XFactor 2016, if you want your comments to be featured in my column just tweet me with #BennyFactor and your question or comment and I’ll get you in !