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@BBshievshievs #CelebsGoDating column is here, have a read !

31 Aug @BBshievshievs #CelebsGoDating column is here, have a read !

By Shievonne Robinson

Right so E4 have repackaged last years e4singles but with the saucy twist of it now being “celebs go dating” …the fact the average fan with stalker tendencys can now apply to date a celeb…to describe the show it’s basically “awkward” so let the cringe worthy tv watching commence!


So 5 celebs (Paisley,Steph Pratt,jack jones,joey Essex,tyger drew and Charlotte Crosby” coached by the fabulous Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman!


Joey Essex

Where do we begin..he’s already encountered his stalker Marley…aka the girl in the red dress who proceeded to literally Throw herself at joey, so no change there he has that everyday!i can totally see her climbing joeys bathroom drainpipe to say “hi  I was in the area so….,” the thirst was too real!  His first actual date was with a girl called flo who I suspect is an actress put in to deliver a funny date and boy did she deliver!!!!!!! but either way burped her way through the date….joey in the only way he knows how stated “that came out like fire” & “wow your gassed up bruv”….wowzers


Steph Pratt

If anyone tells me she isn’t 1 of the prettiest reality stars around…please exit to the left…she is stunning and actually pleasant  to watch! Her date Ellis (very fit think hollister type) told her he’d only been circumcised 3 weeks before his date…yes he’s a grown not sure how or why he’s only JUST getting the old snip snip? So of course the date was interesting and awkward!! I think they actually look good together but not sure if Ellis just wants to be on MIC or not…



Paisley from e4 tattoo fixers has never been on a proper date! Meaning we actually see a non fame hungry ego filled star actually show her vunerable side! She legitimately wants to find her bae! Get your banners and lighters ready to sway left and right as if I want any celeb to find love I want it to be PAISLEY!!! Her date with corrie was cute but I’m sensing “friend zone” but I feel her date isn’t the one for her! She needs a man to treat her like jay z treats beyonce! So the search continues for her 2nd date!


Tyger Drew

Ok so son of porn star “Ben Dover”…i’ll let that marinate for a second….lol… He’s a little awkward with his convo and his 1st date went…hmm let’s say if this was a porn tape it would have gone straight to the 99p store…his date doesn’t have sex with a guy for 6 months when dating…💤 and she wasn’t keen on tygers sexual encounter with a robot…id rather my man shag a panini maker than another bird so not sure why that put her off lol gorgeous girl but no way suited to tyger! He stole food from her plate went she went to adjust her weave…I am also a food stealer lol He said he wants a girl with a “foreign look” *i step forward* Lol


(Jack Jones will be shown from Thursday)

But as he’s an Internet comedian I’m sure he’ll be good to watch with a few laughs!


Right…deep breath…Charlotte Crosby…she is a reality tv veteran…perfect sound bites..she could basically have her own dating show..I’m thinking (“flava of love” type sitch) went on a date with cocky muscle bloke called danny! As usual her filter was not in her handbag so queue a convo about “anal bleaching”….Im a fan of it so totally with char on that 1 lol Nadia did suggest a no drinking rule which she stuck to for all of ermmm…yep it was over that fast! Her date ended with a kiss and will be him seeing again!


This format is fun, new and let’s face it it’s hard when a celeb dates another celeb!! So not sure how these “civilian” pairings will last in the real world..but I for one will be seeing this to the end!! Even if just for the levels of cringe and awkward turtle moments!! Lol