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#Basildon police operation to target anti-social behaviour

11 Mar #Basildon police operation to target anti-social behaviour

Operation Quicksilver is a proactive operation which launched last month to target anti-social behaviour in Basildon town centre during the day.

Uniformed and plain clothed officers have been present in the town centre to deter, disrupt and detect any criminal activity that may be taking place.  

Plain-clothed officers are working alongside uniformed officers as part of the operation to detect any anti-social and criminal behaviour which takes place in the town centre.

Uniformed officers will be present in the town centre to reassure the general public whilst deterring anyone who may be intending to commit crime.

During the first week of Operation Quicksilver, six people were arrested. Our officers arrested three wanted people as well as, one person for the suspicion of possession of drugs and issued multiple cannabis warnings. Two people were arrested but were later released without charge. The operation has also led to numerous intelligence reports which are currently being investigated by our intelligence team.

Detective Sergeant Paul Davis said: “This operation is just a small part of the ongoing work that Essex Police does to tackle anti-social behaviour. Anyone involved in behaviour like this should take this as a warning that it will not be tolerated.”

If you have information about anti-social behaviour or drug-related activity where you live, please tell us by calling 101.

Anyone who would rather not talk to police can call the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.