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Basildon estate to improve fire safety in new measures

09 Nov Basildon estate to improve fire safety in new measures

Sprinklers will be installed in all council-owned properties on the Felmores estate as part of an ongoing project to improve fire safety.

Basildon Council’s Housing and Community Contracts sub-committee agreed to award a contract for the work to Billericay-based company ProRite Ltd at a meeting on 25 October.

Fire suppression systems will be installed in all 268 council-owned properties on the estate as well as in communal flat block spaces to provide protection on all fire escapes.

The council will also give private homeowners the option of being included in the project in order to improve fire safety for all those living on the estate.

This will represent a significant saving in comparison to private installation and will exclude preliminary costs such as supervision and scaffolding.

Essex Fire and Rescue Service has approved an application from Basildon Council for grant funding of £70,000 towards the project.