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Award winning business launches new Treatment Centre in Uttlesford

06 Jul Award winning business launches new Treatment Centre in Uttlesford

by Dan Bryans

Award winning business Holisticare, is giving a helping hand to St Clare Hospice and is hosting an Open Day on Saturday 8th July from 3pm till 5pm.

Holisticare is a centre of excellence in Myofascial Release which can change the lives of people who think they can’t be helped, in a safe, caring, relaxing and expert environment.

Owner Nikki Robinson said “We know we are good at helping people reduce pain, tension and inflammation, making a positive impact on our patients’ lives, and with our expansion we are now able to treat more people and really are one to watch. We would love to hear from people who want to know more about Myofascial Release Treatment and our Open Day is the perfect opportunity to talk to us.”

Holisticare chose to support St Clare with a “helping hand” as part of the St Clare £50 Challenge and raised a very healthy £1660. Both St Clare Hospice and Holisticare treat many people from the Uttlesford area and beyond.

At the Open Day Holisticare will be displaying the award. There will also be a display of every entry of their recent “Helping Hands” Art Competition in aid of St Clare Hospice and the winners and placed entrants will receive their prizes and certificates. Holisticare owner, Nikki Robinson, will present St Clare with a large cheque as a result of three months of fundraising including the art competition and a Quiz Night.