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Anna Kennedy OBE announces new charity album

08 Jan Anna Kennedy OBE announces new charity album

A renowned Autism campaigner and ambassador in her own right Anna Kennedy OBE will be adding another project to her vast philanthropic portfolio to raise awareness for Autism.

Already known to some as the ‘Simon Cowell’ of Autism due to her hit show Autism Got Talent she has worked tirelessly to champion and provide opportunities for individuals and families around the UK to show just how much talent there is, she has announced a charity album project launching next month.

The album dubbed ‘Building Bridges’ boasts of 9 original songs, composed by Aaron Yorke, who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as an adult. They both searched the UK for 8 artists with autism who would be interested in recording and performing on the album. Building Bridges is the result of their hard work.

Kennedy announcing the project told us “We are all excited at the charity album’s up and coming first launch at the mind blowing Hard Rock Cafe in Mayfair. I am always trying to create opportunities and wonderful experiences for individuals on the autism spectrum. This will be one to remember performing the album ‘ Building Bridges’ at The Hard Rock alongside memorabilia by icons such as Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Elvis and many more.They can make their mark in the world just like everyone else. I cannot wait!”

The creative artists involved in the album are Ryan , Erika, Calvin, Kieron, Marie, Bradley,Scott – most of whom participated in Anna’s Autism Got Talent show.

Further commenting on the importance of prioritising Autism support Kennedy told us “I always remember when I was invited to speak to Senior Officials at the Dept of Health with reference to our survey results from 2000 families. Our charity had many concerns with reference to the time it takes for many children and adults to obtain an autism diagnosis. Senior Officials shared that from all disabilities Autism gave them the biggest headache with reference to allocation of resources and support across the country. I have read that as many as 1 in 64 children are being diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition. These children grow to be adults therefore working to support childten as early as possible is crucial to create better outcomes for these young people. This will help prevent children from developing any mental health difficulties which can impact heavily on the individual and their families. Training is key in Education ,Health and Social Care for better outcomes for children and adults on the spectrum.There is no point in waiting until the individual and their family are at crisis point as it happens across the country. Early intervention is crucial for better outcomes for the individual and their family.”

Tickets for the album launch on the 20th of February can be found here –