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Almost half of East Anglia will gift pre-owned items this Christmas

16 Dec Almost half of East Anglia will gift pre-owned items this Christmas

According to a new study, a staggering 48% of those polled in East Anglia have admitted they will be gifting pre-owned presents this Christmas, 3% above the national average. The stats were revealed in nationwide research by Mazuma Mobile.

And it’s not just gifts that we’re buying pre-owned. Just 16 per cent of those surveyed admit they buy a brand-new Christmas tree every year, and eight per cent own a tree that previously had a different owner.

The survey looked into how many of us will be enjoying a pre-owned Christmas this year, from festive decorations to pre-owned gifting.

Almost half (44%) of Brits suspect they have been given a pre-owned Christmas present in the past and in fact 52 per cent admitted they would be happy receiving pre-loved items.

Results showed that 85 per cent of Brits now regularly purchase pre-owned products instead of paying full cost for new item equivalents. From books and handbags, to higher value tech items such as computers and mobile phones – the pre-owned market in the UK is blossoming.

The savviest festive shoppers are those aged 25 – 34, who are most likely to have purchased pre-loved gifts in the past, and those aged 18 – 24 are most open to doing so this year. The over 55s are least likely to purchase pre-owned gifts for loved ones.

The younger generations are also savvier when it comes to decking out their homes on a budget, with 15% of under 25s purchasing a pre-used tree, compared to just 4% of over 55s, Mazuma’s research revealed.