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Actress Kacey Ainsworth and Anna Kennedy OBE to hold public Zoom chat about ‘All things Autism’

28 Jul Actress Kacey Ainsworth and Anna Kennedy OBE to hold public Zoom chat about ‘All things Autism’

On July 30th at 11 am Actress Kacey Ainsworth will be chatting to Anna Kennedy OBE about ‘All things Autism’ and Life in Lock-down on Zoom.

Kacey has been working in the entertainment industry since 1978. She is a multi awarding winning actress who came into prominence for her portrayal of Little Mo in Eastenders. Since then she has starred in lots of TV shows including Holly Blue, Grantchester, Call the Midwife and as a very evil witch in cbbc’s The Worst Witch .

After several members of her family were diagnosed with #Autism she decided to get actively involved in raising awareness of autistic spectrum disorders and promoting inclusion for those on the spectrum and Anna Kennedy shares ‘I am proud to say Kacey is one of my Charity Ambassadors. I will be chatting to Kacey about the Lock down positives for her son diagnosed on the autism spectrum’ such as :

1. He can spend his days being himself, by that I mean he doesn’t have to conform to the social norms expected of him at school everyday.
2. He is more relaxed and less combative.
3. He has written his own timetable, less focused on exact time, no bell or whistles to shove him along.
4. He doesn’t have to organise himself so precisely for school, which creates considerable daily anxiety for him, everything takes place at home, everything is here already.
5. There is no moving from class to class, no noise, no over-stimulation.
6. He can play online with his friends and he doesn’t have to deal with having people in his space or in his face, yet he can still play communicate mostly shout!.
7. He lives in the present, he is not fixated on what will happen in the future only what will happen today because, for him, today is all that matters.
8. He is a prolific hugger and as we are around all together, all the time so he gets to do that with us anytime. A double win for me!

Here is the link to join our chat on Thursday at 11 am