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Actress Eaoifa Forward Tells All In Candid Chat

11 May Actress Eaoifa Forward Tells All In Candid Chat

  • From completing all her LAMDA exams with honours to her critically acclaimed role in The Snare, we had a chat with beautiful Eaoifa Forward.

Q. How does one say your beautiful name?

Thank you…My name is pronounced Eefa it’s an Irish name that actually mum decided to change the spelling of when I was born – the traditional way of spelling Eaoifa is Aoife (on the plus side I’m the only one on facebook!). In fact if you’ve ever seen the film “Wall E” there is a white robot in it called Eve – that’s how you say my name!

Q. How did you get into acting?

I started acting when I was at school – I was always in the school plays and would also put on shows with my brother and sister at home. I then went on to complete all the LAMDA exams with honours and from there moved to New York to study acting. On returning to London I started doing student films, short films, theatre (mostly fringe) anything I could get involved in and most recently played the lead role in a psychological horror called “The Snare” it had its cinematic release in the USA in January this year!

Q. What challenges do actors generally face in this day and age?

Firstly, it’s a completely saturated industry – unfortunately there are way too many talented actors and actresses out there for the roles on offer.

Also as an actress living in London it’s really difficult to make a living out of just acting and at the same time you can’t go out and get a normal 9-5 as you need the flexibility for auditioning and time off. It really is a major juggling act!

Your success is also based on your ability to network. Working hard, being talented and having a great image adds to this, but networking is key. It really is all about who you know, building and maintaining relationships, being in the right place at the right time and a load of luck!

Rejection can also be really tough, you have to have a thick skin and know that most of the casting decisions have nothing to do with you. You could’ve given the best performance of your life but might just not “fit” – I’ve walked into a room before and have over heard someone say she’s so much taller than we expected, I’ve also been rejected due to the colour of my hair! You just have to stay strong and believe that you are good enough.

Perseverance is key and if you’re willing to keep going, sacrifice and work hard you will get there.

Q. Talk to us about your role in The Snare, how did you prepare for it and what feedback have you received?

“The Snare is a psychological horror about three friends who head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force. I play the lead role of Alice – without wanting to give too much away Alice has suffered years of abuse from her father and as a result is an extremely troubled character.” I spent a huge amount of time working on Alice, developing who she was and her background. I did extensive research into child abuse, depression, what it’s like to lose a mother and even created a series of diary extracts that tracked back to when she was 4 years old detailing very specific moments in her life and what she’d gone through – even down to a crack in a tile in her childhood bathroom. I kept these with me at all times, they were my life line when I had to do the heavier emotional scenes.

We have received some incredible feedback have been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, LA Times and LA weekly. Some fantastic horror sites have also been extremely complimentary: I do have to give special mention to Eaoifa Forward. Her character, Alice, is at the centre of the story and Eaoifa Forward is scary good. You cannot look away from her… even when you want to! It’s a hard journey for any actor to convey. Forward tackles it like a flower forged in fire, vulnerable yet formidable. Forward is particularly good in her performance, with various extreme emotions and fears running across her permanently haunted (pun not intended) face. Alice is an incredibly well-developed but reserved character; only her most relevant backstory is revealed, and only when absolutely necessary. Eaoifa Forward is excellent as Alice. Alice Clarke is a complex entity plagued with mental and physical attrition. Actress Eaoifa Forward portrays the role of Alice Clarke with utmost passion

Q. What plans have you got for 2017?

So far 2017 has been great – I landed the lead role in two short films one that has just been completed called “Home” directed by Darius Norowzian and the other which I am still working on. I have also landed a lead role in a feature film shooting in Boston USA at the end of this year – I am currently under an NDA at this stage so can’t say too much! I am itching to get back on the stage as well! The Snare is coming to the UK and will be released on both Netflix and Amazon in the next couple of months!