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A valuable garden at Colchester Hospital to be renamed

18 Jun A valuable garden at Colchester Hospital to be renamed

A valuable garden at Colchester Hospital which helps people with prosthetic limbs and other mobility issues learn how to walk again is to be renamed after an inspirational campaigner who was one of the driving forces behind its creation.

The Walk-In Garden will be renamed ‘The Graham Facey Rehabilitation Garden’ in memory of the former chairman of the Colchester Prosthetic User Group CollyPUG, who worked tirelessly to see the project completed successfully. A plaque dedicated to former vice chairman Bob Shaw, who passed away in October 2016, will also be unveiled during the special event, which takes place on 21 June.

The garden opened in June 2015 next to the Gainsborough Wing following a £59,000 fundraising appeal spearheaded by CollyPUG. It is designed to help people who have recently had a prosthetic limb fitted to learn to walk again, and is also used by people who have had a stroke or need any other type of rehabilitation.

It includes varied surfaces, such as sand, cobbles and steps, which patients can practice walking on in a safe and controlled environment, with support from therapists working at the hospital.

Equipment to help people with an upper limb prosthesis to develop their range of movement and practice every day skills has also recently been added so that even more people can benefit from the garden.