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A Development of 10,000 Homes Threatens the Dunmow Area

25 Jun A Development of 10,000 Homes Threatens the Dunmow Area

Stop Easton Park is urging residents of Little Easton and surrounding areas, including Great Dunmow, Takeley, Canfield, Great Easton, Broxted and Thaxted to make their views known about a proposed development of 10,000 new homes

• The proposed Easton Park development forms part of Uttlesford District Council’s 15 year Local Housing Plan

• It will have a huge impact on infrastructure, productive farmland, employment and wildlife within the area. Concerns have also been raised about the site’s proximity to Stansted Airport.

Stop Easton Park is committed to raising awareness of the threat posed to the local area, and others like it. If the development of 10,000 homes in this unsuitable location is granted it could have a devastating effect on the surrounding area.

The negative impact of the development falls into two main areas of concern: the technical reasons that the site is not suitable for development and what would be lost as a result of the Easton Park development.


Infrastructure is just one of the concerns as to why the Easton Park site is unsuitable for a development of 10,000 new homes. It is estimated that the development will bring an additional 15,000 cars to the area and significantly increase commuter traffic as there is no nearby trainline that residents can use to commute on.

When combined with the 35,000 homes being proposed in areas around Braintree and Harlow, the combined effect on the A120 and M11 roads will lead to massive  congestion, risk of accidents and higher levels of poisonous NOX gasses.

Five hour delays as petrol tanker crash shuts M11 motorway

Other infrastructure concerns include:

< increased traffic trying to reach Stansted Airport

< the nearest trains, travelling from Stansted Airport and Bishop’s Stortford into London, are already over crowded

< the proposed Easton Park development will have only one access via the B1526, a road that is used by numerous HGV vehicles accessing the nearby quarry. Other major roads links include the A120, B184 and the M11 which are currently heavily congested at peak times and the Birchanger Roundabout at Junction 8,  regularly suffers from major delays.

< Local infrastructure such as public transport, roads, schools, local hospitals & doctor’s surgeries are already stretched. There is no police station to tackle any additional crime. Water & waste would also need upgrading.