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35% of East Anglia residents spend less than ONE HOUR outside

30 Mar 35% of East Anglia residents spend less than ONE HOUR outside

As the clocks go forward and we celebrate the start of spring, research has found that almost three quarters of East Anglian residents are literal victims of daylight robbery.

A surprising 73% spend most of their daylight hours inside, whilst over a third (35%) confessed to spending less than one hour outside on a typical weekday. The research which was conducted by SunVit-D3 found that factors such as socialising (14%) and looking after the kids (18%) played a pivotal role in why residents are hibernating.

However, it’s not just a busy social and family life that is keeping residents from the great outdoors. Almost a fifth (17%) said their daily commute to work affected how much time they could spend outside each day and once at work, things don’t improve.

More than half (51%) spend no more than ten minutes outside on their lunch break. Perhaps this is because almost a fifth (16%) said their boss frowns upon them taking a full lunch break, whilst more than one in ten (13%) have too much work.

With three fifths (60%) admitted to finding a lack of daylight depressing, it’s no surprise that a lack of daylight is having more than just a physical effect on those from the region. With sunlight exposure generating the most of our Vitamin D intake* – an essential for healthy bones and muscles – a lack of daylight can also have a big impact on our mental health.