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2017’s Autism Hero Awards hailed a success

16 Nov 2017’s Autism Hero Awards hailed a success

2017’s Autism Hero Awards have been hailed a success!

Two year’s after leading autism ambassador Anna Kennedy OBE took over, the awards have grown from strength to strength.

Charity Anna Kennedy Online wanted to create an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the excellence taking place in the world of Autism. 

Pineapple Performing Arts opened the evening with a remarkable dance routine, there were two extraordinary performances by Emma Ahwai, Autism’s Got talent star and MacCauley Elvin, who sang his debut single ‘Hollow’ that he wrote and recorded for the Charity’s ‘Give Us A Break campaign’ for antibullying week, this is available on iTunes for £0.99p and all proceeds with go to the Charity.

Meet this year’s winners—-

Siarlot Hall

Charlie Matthews

Amanda West

April Butterworth

Sandros Ballesteros

Sam Storey

Uta Frith

Donna Swan

Berkeley Homes

Gemious Ltd

Chris Bonnello

Sally Glossop

Jaco Mylan