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#Tendring: PCSO thanks residents for commitment to crime prevention

28 Sep #Tendring: PCSO thanks residents for commitment to crime prevention

Residents have been liaising with Police and their local council to protect their homes following a number of burglaries in Tendring.

Walton, Frinton and Kirby Cross have been subject to a number of burglaries in recent weeks but residents have actively taken steps to protect their homes by working together with local PCSOs and the local council.

Following the spate of burglaries, PCSO Paul Brassey and his colleagues urged local residents to report anything suspicious. Paul and his colleagues increased their patrols in areas affected by these burglaries and through community engagement, received a lot of intelligence that led to the arrest of an 18-year-old man.

Residents took on board crime prevention advice from PSCO Brassey and his colleagues on how to secure their homes. Residents remained vigilant with reporting suspicious activity to the police and following reports of suspicious activity in Church Road, Walton, officers seized a vehicle associated with a burglary with significant leads opening up in the investigation.

Local businesses welcomed our crime prevention posters and leaflets and local taxi drivers vowed to be vigilant in reporting suspicious activity in key areas. Real time updates on current crimes were given on our Essex Community Messaging system.

A community meeting was held with the Kirby Cross Residents Association which local police attended with Active Citizens members who were able to recruit new members into the scheme.

The residents of Kirby Cross worked through Ray Enever, Chairman of the Kirby Cross Residents Association, to work with Frinton and Walton Council to bulk buy Tremble Alarms to further protect their homes.

A Tremble Alarm is a small device that can be secured on a window or a door and activates an alarm when the door receives a vibration or the window is smashed. Residents can buy Tremble Alarms from The Walton Project Office in the High Street, Walton, as well as the Frinton and Walton Town Council Office in Rochford Way, Walton. The alarms are £3.00 to buy, at a significant reduction to what they would cost from a retailer.

Whilst burglaries in the area have significantly tailed off in recent weeks, officers remind residents to continue with their efforts in protecting their home and reporting any suspicious activity.

PCSO Paul Brassey said: “The PCSOs at Walton would like to thank the local people in the area for working with us and being vigilant. We have all worked over here for a very long time and we know most of the residents well who come forward with lots of information. We are all very committed to the area and to making it as crime free as we can.”

Ray Enever, Chairman of the Kirby Cross Residents Association, said: “For such a small price to pay, you could save £700 in damage or possibly more if the property is entered and items are taken.”