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Shocking video shows what happens when Tommy Robinson attends anti-racism march 

20 Mar Shocking video shows what happens when Tommy Robinson attends anti-racism march 

by Dan Bryans

Since his new era and being an author of his very controversial book ‘Enemy Of State’ former EDL leader Tommy Robinson attended an anti-racism march in London on Saturday and in a shocking video he and a colleague end up being the centre of attack whilst merely trying to ask questions.

From merely asking questions and trying to engage with the crowd Robinson and his fellow colleague Caolan Robertson online outlet The Rebel Media are greeted with verbal attacks whilst one protester shouts ‘get off me’ the situation soon escalates as the police step in to move Robinson out of the fiasco.

The footage which has since gone viral on social media has been met with a flurry of comments particularly on social media. 

One user tweeted “@TRobinsonNewEra It’s a fun world we live in where they can “win” a discussion just by shouting as loud as possible with tantrums. Insane.”

Whilst another jumped in to support Robinson saying “@TRobinsonNewEra I’m so sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately the ‘anti-fascists’ are actually textbook fascists these days.”

Another young Twitter follower added “@TRobinsonNewEra Tommy you’ve got some balls! Keep doing what you’re doing you seem like a decent bloke.”

The comments were in reaction to Robinson’s earlier tweet in which he’s shared the full video from Saturday’s action, in a candid tweet he told his over 150,000 strong Twitter army that “So , on Saturday I attended a uk anti islamophobia march. Here’s what happened”

A young Londoner Myles Gilbert who attended the march and was close to the action seemed to criticise the video telling us “This video has clearly been set up or put together to make Tommy look good, truth is it looked like he was winding up a few people involved in the march, why would he show up the March if he doesn’t support the cause apart from the start a bit of trouble ?”

Robinson has been contacted for comment.