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New seating plan launched for Clacton’s Princes Theatre

01 Apr New seating plan launched for Clacton’s Princes Theatre

New seating arrangements are being introduced in Clacton’s Princes Theatre after a consultation with audiences.

The Tendring District Council-run theatre is making the changes to improve accessibility for disabled audience members.

Changes to the layout in the stalls allow more room for wheelchair users, and a greater number of aisle seats which are more suitable for those with reduced mobility.

The new layout, which has been adopted after consultation with theatre-goers, will be used for any new shows. This will be in a phased approach, as shows already on the programme have already sold tickets under the old layout.

Mike Carran, Head of Sport and Leisure at Tendring District Council, said the changes while minor would make a big difference.

“The majority of people will probably not notice the change to the seating layout, but for those with reduced mobility or who use wheelchairs it will make coming to the Princes Theatre a much more enjoyable experience,” Mr Carran said.

“This is a positive change for the theatre, and I am grateful to everyone who took part in our consultation to shape how we improved access to the Princes Theatre.”

For details of upcoming shows at the Princes Theatre visit or call the Box Office on 01255 686633.